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impression of the traffic island in Hammelburg and mail art from Servane Morel (Belgium)

Dienstag, 29. September 2015

... outgoing mail art to Giovanni Bonanno (Italy) ...

what else can I put inside of Joseph Beuys' hat than this...

No. 364 - arriving mail art from Heinz W. Lotz (Germany)

Heinz modified the artcard he got from Heike Sackmann.
Thank you.

No. 360, No. 361, No. 362 and No. 363 - arriving mail art from Ingo Cesaro (Germany)

Four more works from Ingo, collaged, stitched and with letter prints.
Thank you.

No. 359 - arriving mail art from Uwe Klein (Germany)

and the winner is ...
Thank you

see his call about Friedrich Rückert: http://mail-art-friedrich-rueckert.blogspot.de

No. 358 - arriving mail art from Peter Backes (Germany)

In stencil and airbrush technique decorated envelope and letter.
Thank you

Mittwoch, 23. September 2015

... documentation No. 26 ...

... documentation No. 25 ...

... historical postcard from 1939 ...

with a little leporello inside the Bocksbeutel

Today this postcard came into my mailbox, which I ordered some days ago.
The card was sent the 29th of August 1939, 3 days before World War II. has began, .
Text on the frontside says: "Der Frankenwein vertreibt alle Sorgen" 
(franconian wine will dispel all concerns)
...well that did not work
it will become part of the Mail Art Exhibition next year.

No. 351 - arriving mail art from Ficus Strangulensis (USA)

a thank you for the artistamps I sent to him
Thank you.

No. 350 - arriving mail art from Christa Göpfert (Croatia)

one of the advertising card made its way to Croatia and back again
with different collages on it (some parts are missing) and a little message in the bottle
Thank you