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impression of the traffic island in Hammelburg and mail art from Servane Morel (Belgium)

Montag, 30. November 2015

... Bocksbeutel Art Box No. 1 ...

The first Bocksbeutel Art Box has been finished
it is made out of two shells in the original size to protect a Bockbeutel glas bottle
high about 23 cm
covered with thousands of perforating material from 
the artistamps sheets I made for this project
can be ordered if you like...
let me know in a comment
the money will be used for the project

No. 550 - arriving mail art from Anna Carina Fries (Germany)

Anna Carina has made an advent calendar.
Thank you

see her call about Friedrich  Rückert: http://mail-art-friedrich-rueckert.blogspot.de

Freitag, 27. November 2015

No 546 - arriving mail art from Aksioma (Slovenia)

The envelope came already opened and was empty.
Not sure whether Aksioma sent it or it has been a postal experiment from someone else
I will ask

Thank you

No. 544 and No. 545 - arriving mail art from Joachim Buchholz (Germany)

two new works from Joachim, one with a colourfull pop-up while 
opening the card
Thank you

No. 543 - arriving mail art from Nancy Bell Scott (USA)

new design made out of old papers.
Thank you

No. 542 - arriving mail art from Christa Helmle (Germany)

A new work from Christa with collages and stitchings.
Thank you

No. 541 - arriving mail art from Ahlrich van Ohlen (Germany)

a Bocksbeutel Mail Art demonstration...
Thank you

Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

No. 537 - arriving mail art from Gerhard Binder (Germany)

A parcel with a collaged Bocksbeutel inside.
Thank you

No. 535 and No. 536 - arriving mail art from Heinz W. Lotz (Germany)

two more recyled collages.
Thank you 

No. 534 - arriving mail art from Anna Carina Fries (Germany)

Anna Carina made a festoon out the posters I sent her. 
Thank you

see her call about Friedrich  Rückert: http://mail-art-friedrich-rueckert.blogspot.de

No. 533 - arriving mail art from Uwe Klein (Germany)

"je suis Paris" statement in the mail art
Thank you
see his call about Friedrich Rückert: http://mail-art-friedrich-rueckert.blogspot.de